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The Dressing Room

The children's clothes your kids will fall in love with!
In The Dressing Room, find baby, child and teen product selections as well as fashion and style advices to make fashion a playground!
  • Winter wardrobe essentials for kids

    Winter is here, and it's time to get the family wrapped up for the colder weather to come. Making sure that your children are protected is always crucial, whether you're heading out to the slopes for a week away, or just braving the elements to go pick up groceries.
  • 6 Designer kids’ dresses for Christmas

    Christmas always seems to arrive much sooner than you expect, doesn’t it? And with all the gifts, cards, food and drinks to take care of, you don’t want to have to worry about making sure you and your family look your best.
  • Best rain gear for kids 2021

    As the year is winding down and rainy days are approaching, it’s time to find a few outfits that are as protective as they are stylish.
  • How to dress your children for a wedding

    You know your child always wants to feel special, and that’s true even when it’s someone else’s big day. So a wedding can be an opportunity to let them play dress-up, and wear something that makes them feel like they’re part of this uniquely happy occasion.
  • The Evolution of Kids' Fashion

    The evolution of children's fashion is an interesting story. Although kids' clothing has been worn in some form or another for centuries, we're going to focus on what children wore between 1880 and 1920.
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