shirt and jeans from the luxury brand Lanvin for boys


Founded in 1889, Lanvin is the longest-running French fashion house still demonstrating its expertise today. Since 2019, Lanvin’s Creative Director Bruno Sialelli has endeavoured to revive the brand’s signature emblems created by Jeanne Lanvin, such as the“Mother and Child” and the iconic Lanvin blue.

shoes and dress of the luxury brand Lanvin for girl child

The Spring/Summer 2023 collection

This collection has been inspired by the SS22 adult collection in which Bruno Sialleli depicts the idea of travel and the desire to see the world. The collection takes us back to the 1990s, a pivotal time for fashion, and celebrates the adventurous urban spirit of skaters.

beige jogging suit for boys of the luxury brand Lanvin

Lanvin jogging suits

Sweatshirt & trousers

beige jogging suit for boys of the luxury brand Lanvin

dress of the luxury brand Lanvin for girl child

Fashion according to Lanvin

Distinguished shapes and the finest materials, with meticulous detail. The Lanvin children’s fashion line, inspired by the adult collection, brings a creative, high-end wardrobe to life, perfect for happy, inquisitive children.

Iconic patterns

The“Mother and Child” logohas been repurposed on jersey, the “JL” (Jeanne Lanvin) monogram has been printed on denim, along with the brand’s “Skater” logo, and the “Daisy” flower has been placed on formal dresses in recognition of Jeanne Lanvin’s daughter.

the modelling know-how of the luxury children's brand Lanvin


Our know-how in pattern making adapted to children's fashion

logo marguerite Lanvin for girl child


The collection for girls

For girls, the Hobo-cat logo, borrowed from the handbag of the same name, is printed on tops and juxtaposed with the brand’s signature logo. The details are highly sophisticated, with Marguerite Daisy prints, the JL logo lasered on denim, logos decorated with rhinestones and added shine to jersey dresses, formal dresses and more.

casual look of the luxury brand Lanvin for boys


The boys’ collection

For boys, two trends are at the forefront... LAS VEGAS, featuring the Lanvin logo printed on the iconic sign, an all-over “neon” print, and SKATE, featuring iconic styles embellished with three skateboards, with both themes including denim designs.