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Marc Jacobs colourful patterned children's clothing for girls and boys


The world was introduced to the eccentric and quirky style of Marc Jacobs in 1986. The unusual yet highly talented designer’s reputation spread rapidly. In 1993, Jacobs and his partner Duffy launched their own label, along with their own design company and brand known as Marc Jacobs International. In 1997, they joined the Louis Vuitton Group. Marc Jacobs brings his own eccentric, surprising and spectacular vision to life through fashion.



The Marc Jacobs collections continue to be inspired by New York and its various neighbourhoods. RUCKER PARK is the name of the famous basketball court in Harlem that Marc Jacobs was inspired by when creating a fashion line featuring multicoloured stripes and all-over monogram prints. Whilst THE SURF LODGE is a reference to a hotspot in Montauk where Marc Jacobs opened a pop-up boutique last summer, which inspired the brand to develop a ready-to-wear summer fashion line influenced by surfing and skating.

banana girl Marc Jacobs coloured stripes

Marc Jacobs

« What has always interested me in fashion, is identity and creating identity » Marc Jacobs

children's clothing for girls and boys with colourful stripes

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For this new collection, Marc Jacobs has expanded its offer of ready-to-wear fashion by introducing a new line of unisex designs called “THE COLOR COLLECTION”. It consists of basics available in an array of colours that can either mixed and matched to create a complete look or paired with the rest of the Kids collection as the finishing touches to any outfit.

children's clothing Marc Jacobs colourful designs



This summer’s collection combines all-over multicoloured coral prints with crochet and embroidery, as well as multicoloured rainbow stripes with a towelling fabric. The blend of prints, stripes and coordinated colours embodies the joy and energy that kids exude.

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Marc Jacobs offers its collection of accessories to complete your kids’ outfits in a funky and colourful way.