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The Marc Jacobs

The name of the children's brand has changed, but the style remains! The iconic high-end brand has turned its most iconic designs into iconic designs into children's collections inspired by New York energy, full of fun and trendy details.

The Marc Jacobs

The Inspirations

The adult collaborations are declined in the children's collection on unisex products. With the Peanuts collection, Snoopy and Woodstock are printed on jumpers, shorts and shoes, while The Marc Jacobs logo is decked out in the best colours of summer on t-shirts, joggers and hoodies.

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The Marc Jacobs

"What has always interested me about fashion is identity and creating identity. "Marc Jacobs

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The collection

Chic and Fun

What if you gave the kids the luxury of a designer collection? Children's fashion is getting more stylish with the chic and playful world of The Marc Jacobs. Precious fabrics, urban prints and animal winks dress little ones from birth to 12 years old, or even older!

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The Marc Jacobs

The Collection

The Marc Jacobs, the designer wanted to create this line with his favorite artists and brands to create THE perfect wardrobe. There are many inspirations from New York City and its trendy Soho district with taxi prints but also comic book prints for comic book fans.

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K-WAY ® x The Marc Jacobs

Following their collaboration for women last year, the brands K-WAY® and The Marc Jacobs are now approaching the the world of children and reinvent the emblematic Le Vrai Claude 3.0 model. Warm, light and breathable thanks to a thermo-glued zip, this limited edition model dedicated to little girls offers a playful and fashionable with its rainbow of pastel colours.

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Spring Summer 2021

From mid-season to the coolest temperatures, the jackets in the collection will not go unnoticed, for a trendy and assertive look. Colorful and unisex, the jumpers will keep the Kids warm all season long, true to the brand's identity. The trousers are adapted to the dynamic and sporty life of children, while keeping the colors and style dear to the designer.



The codes of cool and fun can be found even in the accessories at The Marc Jacobs (historically Little Marc Jacobs).