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The name of the children’s brand has changed, but the style remains the same! This iconic, high-end brand offers its most iconic designs in these children’s collections inspired by New York energy, full of fun and trendy details.



Colour, edge and a fair amount of fun. A collection created around Essentials, enlivened by the brand’s mascot and logo in oversized lettering, “THE” items, including mini-me shapes inspired by the adult collections, and New Fashion Items, with 32% of the range made sustainably, including pieces made from organic cotton

original dress of the luxury brand The marc jacobs for girl child

The Marc Jacobs

"What has always interested me about fashion,
is identity and creating identity" Marc Jacobs

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Chic and fun

Celebrating the mischief, freedom and energy of childhood is what Marc Jacobs has wanted since 2019. The result is THE MARC JACOBS, dedicated to girls and boys. An invitation for every child to let loose and share what they want, their tastes and their character! The The Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2022 collection is the perfect example of all that in one.

original print dress from the luxury brand The marc jacobs for girl child

The Marc Jacobs

The Collection

Summer is here. From Brooklyn to Hawaii, we want fun so let’s set sail! And what proves it? Our mascot, the funky squirrel, has slipped on his best sunglasses with hologram artwork, Snoopy and friends are making the most of the good weather and touring the city on bikes, and the collaboration of the season pays tribute to Marc Jacobs’ favourite series, with Spongebob Squarepants and his friend Patrick!

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The Spring Summer 2022 collection

A paradise island adorns this collection, with all-over prints on sweatshirts and T-shirts, and Spongebob and the panther making guest appearances. Pink iridescent nylon is the star of a cardigan-and-shorts ensemble for girls, whilst boys can revisit iconic Polynesian cartoon tikis and play around with different greetings.

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The Marc Jacobs offers its collection of accessories to complete your child’s outfits in a funky way.