candy lover pink jumper from Billieblush for girls

The BILLIEBLUSH Summer 2022 collection is an invitation to travel...
The destination? A sun-filled paradise! It’s time for our princesses to escape,
have fun and discover new horizons. Always ready to party!
blue dress and 80's style cap from Billieblush for girls

Create a dream. No need to look any further: the dress of your dreams is here. What do they have in common? Incredible volume, revisited in pink, yellow and turquoise with sparkle and ribbons
- The Billieblush team
pink jacket and tulle skirt from Billieblush for girls

The beach selection

Swimwear, sunglasses, sandals, bags... Billieblush has everything you need to be stylish!


Trendy shapes and colours that exude creativity and energy.
Billieblush white dress for girls
Billieblush Little Mermaid Swimsuit for girls
Billieblush sneakers and coloured socks for girls