heart-shaped cardigan and multicoloured t-shirts for girls by Billieblush

Its signature design: a new type of princess. Sophisticated and quirky designs with fluorescent, glittery touches for creative, girly and vibrant fashion with a splash of sparkle.
multicoloured tulle t-shirt and skirt for girls by Billieblush

It’s a fun and colourful collection for all those little princesses who dream of a fantasy world, far away from the humdrum.
- The Billieblush team
salted kisses girl's t-shirt and denim shorts by Billieblush

An exclusive makeup range

Billieblush has partnered with Rosajou, a French brand of ethical children's cosmetics.
Discover the exclusive Billieblush x Rosajou lipstick and nail polish.


Shapes and colours sparkle and shine this season!
Multicoloured striped dress for girls by Billieblush
colourful children's swimming costumes for girls by Billieblush
pink, silver and white slippers for girls by Billieblush